Garlic Combination - 100 Capsules

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The combination of garlic and other ingredients helps support cardiovascular health and strengthen the immune system.

INGREDIENTS Vitamins, minerals, garlic macerate, mistletoe macerate, hawthorn macerate, ginkgo extract, rutin, selenium and soy lecithin. Capsule: gelatin, glycerol, iron oxide and cholorophyllin.

ALLERGENS This product contains soy extracts but no other known allergens and artificial colors, fragrances and flavors. Free from: gluten, lactose and sugar.

Ingredients per capsule ADD* RI in %**
Garlic macerate (allium sativum) 300mg -
Mistletoe (viscum album) 200mg -
Hawthorn macerate (crataegus) 200mg -
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 94.5 mg 118%
Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol) 90 mg 750%
Soy/lecithin 50 mg -
Selenium (yeast) 50 mg -
Ginkgo extract 50 mg -
Beta-carotene 35 mg -
Rutin 30 mg -
Vitamin B6 (pyriodoxine) 11 mg 786%
ADD* = Recommended daily dosage.
RI in %** = Reference intake for an average adult in %.
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