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Whey Protein - Strawberry - 900 Grams

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Whey Protein is a protein supplement for muscle recovery and muscle growth.

Mix 1 scoop of approximately 30 grams with 250 ml of water. Take 1 to 3 shakes per day in addition to your daily diet. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

INGREDIENTS Whey protein concentrate (milk), maltodextrin and natural flavouring. Thickener: xanthan gum. Emulsifier: sunflower lecithin. Colour: beetroot. Sweetener: sucralose.

ALLERGENS Contains milk protein, lactose and soy lecithin. May contain traces of gluten, egg, milk and soy.

Nutritional value 100g 30g
Energetic value Kilojoule 1628.20 KJ 488.46 KJ
Kilocalorie 384.88 Kcal 115.46 Kcal
Fats Total 6.56g 1.97g
Saturated 2.81g 0.84g
Singularly unsaturated 1.87g 0.56g
Polyunsaturated 1.78g 0.53g
Omega-3 0.00 g 0.00 g
Omega 6 0.00 g 0.00 g
Vegetable 0.00 g 0.00 g

Animal 6.56g 1.97g
Carbohydrates Total 8.10g 2.43g
Sugar 4.27g 1.28g
Polyols 0.00 g 0.00 g
Starch 0.00 g 0.00 g
Dietary fiber Total 0.40g 0.12g
Protein Total 76.84g 23.05g
Animal 76.81g 23.04g
Vegetable 0.03g 0.01g
Salty NaCI 0.36g 0.11g
Minerals Total 0.00 g 0.00 g
Sodium 140.50mg 42.15 mg
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